St. Louis Blues: Theo Lindstein impresses at development camp

The St. Louis Blues hosted a development camp that took place from July 1st to July 3rd. At the camp, Theo Lindstein, the 2023 first-round pick, impressed many in attendance.

Could the St. Louis Blues be on the brink of a defensive revolution with a promising prospect like Theo Lindstein in their ranks?

If the development camp in early July was any indicator, all eyes are on Theo Lindstein. His performance was particularly noteworthy, as he showcased his skills to be a key player for the St. Louis Blues in the near future.

At just 19 years old, Lindstein, a 2023 first-round selection, is a beacon of youth and potential for the St. Louis Blues.

Hailing from Sweden, Lindstein has honed his skills in the competitive Swedish junior leagues, adding an international flair to his promising career.

His signing of a three-year contract in May signaled good signs from the Blues front office, as they have seen some things they like.

The recent development camp held the same sentiments.

“Repeating myself but Theo Lindstein is going to make a heck of an NHL defenseman. This kid just makes everything look so simple. Poised with the puck, makes smart decisions, and when he loses it, he closes down to limit damage,” shared Lou Korac on X.

St. Louis Blues: Theo Lindstein will benefit from the development

Lindstein stands at 6’1” and has a listed weight of 180lbs. Conditioning is an area that will likely experience more development, particularly in the weight room.

It’s highly unlikely he will make the NHL ice in 2024-25. Instead, he is expected to return to Sweden, or some have even suggested an entrance into the AHL.

For a Blues team with no prime young current players at the defenseman position, Lindstein is a welcomed addition. His development and potential future contributions are seen as a significant boost for the team. However, GM Doug Armstrong also knows he can't rush Lindstein, and the team will benefit from proper development, which could result in a stronger defensive line later on.

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