St. Louis Blues: Top 5 Goal Scorers of All-Time

New York Rangers v St. Louis Blues
New York Rangers v St. Louis Blues / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

The St. Louis Blues have a rich history and have been home to some incredibly talented players. These past players have set the standard for the recent skaters, and, to some, their statistics almost seem impossible to beat.

Who are the top 5 goal scorers in franchise history?

Brett Hull

When you look up any statistic of all-time leaders within St. Louis Blues history, you will most likely find Brett Hull at the top of any list.

Hull played in 1269 career games, spending most of his career with the Blues.

In Hull’s eleven seasons with the Blues, he recorded 527 goals. This puts Hull as the franchise leader.

His best statistical season was 1990-1991 when he accumulated 131 points. During regular season play in 1990, Hull scored 86 goals in one of the most impressive performances in NHL history, ranking him third in most goals in a season, behind only Wayne Gretzky.

Bernie Federko

Federko spent most of his career in St. Louis. He was initially drafted as the seventh overall pick in the 1976 NHL Draft and finished his final year in the league with the Detroit Red Wings.

In his thirteen years with the Blues, he scored 352 goals.

His best year in a Blues uniform came in 1983-1984, where he scored 41 goals, had 66 assists, and concluded the season with 107 points.

Brian Sutter

Reasonably close behind Federko sits Brian Sutter. Sutter spent his entire career in St. Louis, originally joining the team as a 1976 second-round draft pick.

In 779 career games, Sutter recorded 303 career goals.

Like his teammate Federko, his best year came in 1983-1984, where he scored 32 goals, had 51 assists, and finished with 83 points.

It is worth noting that Sutter scored 41 goals in the 1978 season and finished with 80 points. His most successful year in terms of goals came in 1982, when he scored 46 goals.  

Garry Unger

Unger suited up eight full years with the St. Louis Blues and split the 1970-1971 season with the Detroit Red Wings and Blues.

Unger played in 1105 career games for six teams, including the Blues. His most productive years came in St. Louis.

He ranks fourth in team history, with a total of 292 goals. His best season with the Blues came in 1975-1976, where he recorded 83 points, highlighted by his 39 goals and 44 assists.

Yet, his most successful goal-scoring season occurred in 1972, with a total of 41 goals. He was a reliable player, constantly scoring 30-plus goals in St. Louis.

Vladimir Tarasenko

The fifth leading scorer in Blues history is the most recent player, Vladimir Tarasenko.

Tarasenko, a first-round pick in the 2010 draft, spent ten complete years with the Blues and split the 2022 season with the Blues and New York Rangers.

Tarasenko recorded 262 goals during his time in St. Louis.

His best year came in 2021-2022, recording 82 points from 34 goals and 48 assists.

His most goals were scored in the 2015-2016 season, totaling 40 goals.

Injuries became an issue for Tarasenko.

Since leaving St. Louis, he has played for the Rangers, Senators, and Panthers.

Fans are left pondering if staying healthy and remaining in St. Louis would have allowed him to attain a higher position on the all-time scoring list.