St. Louis Blues: Trading for Radek Faksa was a smart move

In a trade between the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars, the Blues acquired veteran Radek Faksa in exchange for future considerations.
New Jersey Devils v Dallas Stars
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What can St. Louis Blues fans expect from Radek Faksa?

Most Blues fans are probably familiar with Faksa. He has spent his entire NHL career with the Dallas Stars, a fellow Central Division rival.

While Faksa rarely played on a top line within the talent-heavy Stars roster, he’s played his share of minutes during his nine years as an NHLer.

He’s also played in 79 post-season games in 6 years. His playoff experience is key for the Blues aiming to return to playoff contention.

The last three seasons in Dallas:

2021-22: 77 games, 5 goals, 14 assists, 19 points. 15:46 TOI.
2022-23: 81 games, 11 goals, 9 assists, 20 points. 13:43 TOI.
2023-24: 74 games, 7 goals, 12 assists, 19 points. 12:30 TOI.

In his 9 years of NHL play, his average time on the ice stands at 15:07.

After reviewing his last three seasons, it’s clear that his playing time has dropped. However, this is mainly due to Dallas’s talented roster.

St. Louis Blues: Radek Faksa could see more playing time

Faksa could have an increased role in St. Louis and see more playing time, reminiscent of his earlier years with the Stars.

Faksa’s best statistical seasons were 2016-17 and 2017-18 when he recorded 33 total points.

He scored his most goals in a single year in 2017-18, with a total of 17.

Although Faksa isn't a top-tier talent, his veteran presence and playoff experience will be priceless for the rebuilding St. Louis Blues, who are focusing on their young draft picks.

He’s also a big skater at 6’3”, 215 lbs. He ranks No. 6 on the Dallas Stars all-time hit list, with 852 career hits.

The Blues are gaining a physical player in Faksa, and a skater who will undoubtedly make his presence felt on the ice, adding an exciting new dimension to the team’s gameplay.