3 strategies the St. Louis Blues can pursue in the 2024 offseason

While the St. Louis Blues aren’t out of the playoff picture, it’s still never too early to start talking about their options in the 2024 offseason.

Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Selling key assets in the offseason could fuel a rebuild

Given this team’s shortcomings over the last two seasons, a contingent of fans would love to see a rebuild occur. Even some of the most valuable players on this team haven’t taken them far lately, so hosting a sale comprising blockbuster trades that could have occurred during the deadline week would also make sense. 

While it’s unrealistic that Armstrong would ‘sell’ all of his current talent in one offseason, completing two or three big trades between July and September, and another round at the 2025 trade deadline, would flood the organization with high-end prospects and draft picks. 

While the Blues don’t have a high quantity of picks, they do have a solid number to work with already. This gives them a base and potential for far more if they host such a ‘sale’ during the offseason and the subsequent trade deadline, allowing them to restock their prospects pool while systematically recalling talent from the AHL throughout the season. 

This strategy also comes with a downside since the Blues would be one of the worst teams in hockey in the foreseeable future. That said, Armstrong and company would need to find a way to maintain fan interest in the interim.