The future is bright: Blues prospects are dominating the World Juniors tournament


The past 18 months or so have been quite depressing for St. Louis Blues fans. Knocked out in heartbreaking fashion by Colorado in round 2 of the 2022 playoffs, a dumpster fire of a season all of last year, and seeing Chief get the boot just two months into the season make for some consistent kicks below the belt for Blues faithful.

However, the future seems to be extremely bright for the Blues.

That is 19 year old and Blues 2022 1st round draft pick Jimmy Snuggerud ripping off a disgusting goal for Minnesota, putting it between the legs on the fly for 1 of his 11 goals for the University of Minnesota this season.

But it isn't just Snuggerud Blues fans should be excited to see in a Blues sweater in the near future. This year the Blues are tied for having the most players playing in the World Junior Championships, with 7 elite prospects taking the ice over in Sweden. For those who aren't die hard hockey nerds, that essentially means the Blues have 7 players who's home nation has declared them one of the best players from their country under 21 years old. And they aren't just lacing up the skates, they are lighting it up.

Two elite prospects, aged 19 or younger, both 1st round picks for us the last two seasons (Stenberg is just 18 years old and was drafted this summer 25th overall), taking the best international competition for their age group out for a walk.

What makes this more exciting is guys like Snuggerud aren't just performing at an extremely high level under the bright lights, but they're bringing exactly what the Blues are missing right now. The Blues have gotten some decent scoring from Thomas and Neighbours this season which, don't get me wrong is exciting, but I wouldn't say it's at an elite level (like say what 25 did last season).

The Blues need some pure goal scorers. They need guys who wake up in the morning and daydream about undressing the opposing goalie in net before they even have their morning coffee. That seems to be exactly what some of these prospects are bringing to the table, especially Snuggerud.

Whether you get your scouting report from The Hockey Writers, Elite Prospects, or any other option, there's a consistent theme for Snuggerud.
-Lethal wrist shot
-Lethal one timer/slapshot
-finds the soft spots to set himself up to score

All of that would go beautifully with the creativity of Thomas and Jordan Kyrou.

All of the Blues' 7 prospects in the World Juniors seem to be representing themselves well, however Snuggerud seems to be out to send a message to Doug Armstrong that he wants to get a chance to wear the Note this upcoming spring. In just two World Juniors games he had 4 goals and 1 assist, giving him 5 points in games on the biggest stage for his age group.

I can't wait to see all of the Snuggy merch at Enterprise Center soon.