The St. Louis Blues should bring back David Perron

St Louis Blues v San Jose Sharks
St Louis Blues v San Jose Sharks / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

“I still to this day don’t think the Blues should have let him go two years ago ($4.75 million AAV) because he still produces (17 goals, 30 assists in 76 games), and produces on special teams (seven power-play goals, 17 assists), something the Blues have lacked since he left,” wrote Lou Korac.

Korac further pointed out it would mark the fourth reunion with David Perron and the St. Louis Blues.

Sure, Perron is getting older, turning 36 this year. But Perron is still putting up impressive numbers.

His last two years in Detroit:

2022–2023: 24 goals, 32 assists, 56 points.
2023–2024: 17 goals, 30 assists, 47 points.

To put this in perspective, Perron’s 47 total points would have placed him at No.4 in team stats with St. Louis this year and his 56 points at No. 5 in the 2022-2023 season.

It’s no secret that Detroit paid Perron more than GM Doug Armstrong was willing to, but his contract officially ends.

Will Perron garner attention?

Detroit gave Perron a 2-year $9.5 million contract, averaging about $4.75 million per year. This was a generous deal for an older player, similar to Brandon Saad’s contractual figures. Ironically, Saad and Perron fared similarly this year, with Saad finishing the season off with 42 total points.

Of course, Saad is younger, turning 32 in October, but Perron adds something that few players can match.

Perron has always been a fan favorite and brings toughness to the roster. He mentioned he was hurt that he didn’t receive a longer extension offer from St. Louis, which is an obstacle to any potential signing. Yet, it shouldn’t stop Armstrong from garnering his interest in a possible return.

Armstrong has an opportunity to make things right

Armstrong can please the fans by signing Perron and locking him into a contract that guarantees he retires with the Blues. However, he can also add a veteran and trusted player who will immediately bring leadership and comradery to the unit. Perron knows many of the current guys on the roster and can immediately fill in as a difference-maker, underlining his aggressive and fierce play.

Clearly, the Blues can’t overspend given their actual needs, particularly on defense. But if the two sides can come to an agreement, locking Perron into a leadership role in St. Louis, Armstrong needs to pull the trigger.

Please, Armstrong, bring Perron back…do it for the fans.