The St. Louis Blues will play in Wisconsin: Is this a sign of more expansion?

The St. Louis Blues will head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in early October to play the Chicago Blackhawks for a neutral preseason game.
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Our preseason neutral site game against the Chicago Blackhawks will be played at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee on Oct. 5,” released the St. Louis Blues on X.

Get ready for NHL hockey at the Fiserv Forum.

The arena home to the Milwaukee Bucks will be the perfect location for a hockey match.

While the site is deemed neutral, one can expect a significant following of the Chicago Blackhawks, as the drive from Chicago is under 100 miles.

As we gear up for the preseason game, the biggest opportunity is for prospects to potentially earn their way to a full-time roster, sparking a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Could NHL hockey be coming to Milwaukee?

The most intriguing element is the potential for an NHL team in Milwaukee. While the NHL expansion may be years away and likely only after the NFL reaches 34 teams, Milwaukee is consistently touted as an ideal destination for an NHL team.

Why wouldn’t it be at the top? Wisconsin, known for its long, cold winters, serves as an ideal hockey location.

The city of Milwaukee has been thriving with both the Bucks and Milwaukee Brewers.

Within the NFL, the Green Bay Packers dominate the league with such loyal fans, as does the college scene and the Wisconsin Badgers in all major college sports.

While the desert fans of Vegas are loyal and some of the best in the league, the recently relocated Arizona Coyotes never had the same following in the Phoenix area.

Commissioner Gary Bettman has been gutsy; we’ll give him that. However, after failing hockey in Phoenix and Atlanta (twice), it seems only fair to allow cold-weather cities to take on future NHL teams.

Even more exciting, the Minnesota Wild and a team in Milwaukee could create a potential rivalry, sparking intrigue and engagement.

While it might just be a preseason game, the match will surely catch the attention of the league office, observing fan attendance and the entire atmosphere.

As a fan, I can’t help but wonder-can hockey ever arrive in Milwaukee? I’m certainly rooting for it.