3 untouchable prospects the St. Louis Blues cannot move in the offseason

The St. Louis Blues can take quite a few different directions this offseason, but their recent surge might mean they make some moves to contend in 2024-25.

2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Jason Kempin/GettyImages
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Dalibor Dvorsky has taken his game to another level

In the previous slide, I said you can expect Jimmy Snuggerud to be the top prospect in the Blues pool, but Dalibor Dvorsky’s actions may speak otherwise. The 10th overall pick in 2023 has been spectacular in his first (almost) full OHL season, scoring 82 points and 40 goals in 49 contests. Break that down into a point-per-game perspective, and Dvorsky put up 1.67 per. 

That’s one incredible first season in North America, and it finally gave Dvorsky a chance to showcase his on-ice productivity. This was something we didn’t see much of during his time in Sweden except when he was playing in J20, even if we saw those skills on display quite a few times in international play when he represented Slovakia. 

Given his high productivity, versatility (he can easily shift between center or winger), and incredible size for his age (6’1, 203 lbs), Dvorsky will be a lot of fun for Blues fans to follow. And can you imagine him, in time, on the same line as Snuggerud when they both inevitably make the NHL?

Once again, packaging a high-end prospect for an established talent to win now in a trade would be nice, but it doesn’t suit anyone long-term, especially if it may not result in another Stanley Cup. A player like Dvorsky is someone the Blues could potentially have in their lineup for a decade when they feel he’s ready to make the jump.