What Can We Expect from Dalibor Dvorsky in the Future with the St. Louis Blues?

Sudbury Wolves v Oshawa Generals
Sudbury Wolves v Oshawa Generals / Chris Tanouye/GettyImages

Dalibor Dvorsky was the No. 10 selection in the 2023 NHL Draft.

As Dvorsky turns 19 this summer, he is expected to have a bright future.

St. Louis Blues fans eagerly await his further development and potential entrance into the NHL.

Could we see Dvorsky in a Blues uniform soon?

“Blues general manager Doug Armstrong even indicated at the season-ending press conference on Thursday that Dvorsky has the best chance of any of the prospects to perhaps start the season in St. Louis,” wrote Blues reporter Lou Korac.

Korac is correct; Dvorsky had a monster season. Playing this year in the OHL for the Sudbury Wolves, Dvorsky recorded impressive numbers:

2023-2024: 52 games, 45 goals, 43 assists, 88 points.

Of course, the talent level in the OHL is nothing close to that of opponents he would face in the NHL. Regardless, his numbers show amazing potential, and he is a scoring threat the Blues desperately need.

In his conversations with Dvorsky, Blues GM Doug Armstrong acknowledged Dvorsky’s aspiration to start in the NHL for the upcoming season. While exercising caution, Armstrong also expressed that Dvorsky’s goal was not impossible, stating, “Dvorsky included, will need to prove they’re ready to be full-time NHLers at training camp in the fall.”

Outside of his successful year in the OHL, there were some concerns about his numbers when he played in Sweden. But Armstrong defended his play, “He went to a situation that was looking pretty good in Sweden but was really bad.”

Dvorsky played exceptionally well this year in Sudbury.

Does he deserve a chance to make the final roster?

Yes, and he will be able to impress new head coach Drew Bannister once training camp starts.

The numbers Dvorsky put up this year can encourage and excite Blues fans, but fans should also have realistic expectations. The NHL can eat young skaters up. Dvorsky has the chance to earn his spot wearing a Blues jersey, and his drive to be in St. Louis this coming fall can certainly motivate and further improve his play.

If the numbers he put up in 2023-2024 were any indication of his future in the NHL, Dvorsky could be an instrumental part of the Blues and their future.