Which Blues Players Will Head to the Olympics in 2026?

With the IOC finally allowing NHL players to once again represent their nations on the world's biggest stage, who from the Blues can make their mark in Milan?
Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 15
Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 15 / Streeter Lecka/GettyImages

With news that the IOC is finally allowing NHLers to represent their countries again at the Winter Olympics, this time being held in Milan, Italy, Blues fans may ask the question - who from their team can rep their home nation and possibly bring home a medal? Here are 3 major playmakers on the Blues that could crack the Olympic rosters when they're announced sometime next year.

Robert Thomas

I mean, this one is obvious. If NHL teams gave out regular season MVPs, it'd almost certainly go to the 25-year-old native of Aurora, Ontario, less than an hour from league headquarters in Toronto. After making his first All-Star Game this season, which was the latest bit on an already stellar resume, why wouldn't he be on Team Canada for 2026?

Now, there will be some obvious competition between Thomas and the likes of Connor McDavid and maybe rookie sensation Connor Bedard. But if Team Canada is looking for more veteran players, Thomas would be a solid addition to the nation with the most men's hockey golds in Olympic history.

Jordan Kyrou

Another potential star for Team Canada, Kyrou, like Thomas, is also a major playmaker for the Blues this season. Coming out of the All-Star break he's 4th on the team in goals (14), 2nd in assists, (23), and 3rd in points (37).

He's part of the Blues' young core responsible for getting them back to the playoffs. And Kyrou is notably from Toronto, so it's possible he and Thomas have been BFFs since joining St. Louis. With all 49 games under his belt so far this season, Kyrou is another secondary option for Team Canada at the 2026 Games. He's also very close to 100 career NHL goals, something Thomas is a bit further back on, meaning that he could even replace Thomas on the roster if Canada looks more just at goals than points.

Jimmy Snuggerud

The 19-year-old University of Minnesota star might not have any NHL games under his belt just yet, but the 2022 1st-round draft pick of the Blues is tearing up the Big 10 hockey scope this season, much like he did last season. He's also scored quite a few in 2 World Junior Championships, so he can bring it on both a collegiate and global stage.

With the Winter games not until 2026, there's still time for him to get some NHL games and goals on his resume, even though Snugg himself said he's more focused on the Golden Gophers team than the professional ones. But if the US team finds itself in a pinch or one extra spot opens up, we could see another college young gun make an Olympic roster.