Which St. Louis Blues FA Should Move On?

The St. Louis Blues have an official roster with only a handful of pending free agents. This situation can be advantageous or a setback. One player might move on.  
St Louis Blues v Montreal Canadiens
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While none of the existing, pending free agents are high-caliber players or significant losses for the existing Blues roster, there is one player who should probably move on.

Scott Perunovich

Some may argue that Perunovich has yet to fully showcase his potential, especially considering his expected success in the NHL as a second-round pick in the 2018 draft.

In 2023-24, he played in 54 games with no goals and 17 assists.

The year before, he played in 19 games with six assists.

Size also plays a role, as Perunovich is listed at 5’10” and 175 lbs.

This makes him a smaller defenseman.

He had 30 hits and had an average ice time of 15:19.

The stats are screaming that something's wrong.

It certainly didn’t help when head coach Drew Bannister publicly said, “We need more from him,” in an April 2024 press conference.

Does his youth call for another shot? Perunovich is pretty fast and turns 26 years old this summer.

While Bannister is familiar with Perunovich, and the hope was he could continue to develop himself into a stronger player, there are some major red flags. His production has been limited.

Perunovich’s one-year deal in 2023 paid out about $775,000.

Should the St. Blues offer Scott Perunovich a contract?

Probably not. It has become evident that Perunovich has not developed into the player that the front office had anticipated, and it is believed that there is a prospect who could be a better fit for the team's roster.

Although there is always a chance for anything to happen, Blues fans should not get their hopes up for a commitment to be given to Perunovich.

Playing alongside Colton Parayko during the late season posed a test to his abilities on the ice. It's likely that his time in St. Louis is finished.