Which Two Players Stand to Gain the Most from Drew Bannister's Coaching?

Drew Bannister’s appointment as the permanent head coach of the St. Louis Blues starts a new chapter in franchise history. The inclination is that Bannister is a skilled developmental coach who will further bolster the existing talent within the roster. What players will benefit the most?
Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues
Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Drew Bannister can coach. His 30-19-5 record as interim coach for the St. Louis Blues proves as much.

However, his time in the AHL in San Antonio and Springfield is perhaps where fans can receive the best indication that he is extremely talented in developing players and producing winning teams.

On the current roster, expect growth from two specific players.

Jake Neighbours

The more you study Jake Neighbours, the more you realize he’s highly talented and serves as one of the most promising players wearing a Blues jersey.

Despite the odds, Neighbours played in the NHL at 22 and even had partial play experience two years prior.

Neighbours has the competitiveness, heart, and drive to succeed.

He serves as the ideal player for Bannister to further bolster into an NHL star.

He tied Pavel Buchnevich with 27 goals this season, ranking third on the entire team. The sudden surge in goals saw him go from 6 goals in 43 games the year before to 27.

Growth and comfort play a significant role in the development and conditioning of Neighbours.

Fans may anticipate a comparable accomplishment next year, given the significant improvement in two seasons.

Bannister’s methodology focuses on development, trust, and accountability. Essential qualities and skills for young players.

Expect great things from a Bannister-Neighbours combo. The reason Bannister got the job is because of this.

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas is the leader and is turning 25 this summer.

Given how long he has been playing, one would expect him to be older. However, this is a valuable advantage for the St. Louis Blues.

There is still significant room for improvement.

Thomas earned his first All-Star appearance this season and has a Cup from 2019.

If fans were already excited about his performance in past years, they should be even more excited about what lies ahead.

Thomas has been loyal to St. Louis and already serves as an alternate captain.

Thomas's vocal support of Bannister undeniably affects Bannister's mindset, as he acknowledges the praise from his star player. We must not ignore this.

Many have long believed that Thomas is destined for stardom.

Bannister’s ability to develop youthful players plays a pertinent role here.

Despite Bannister's reputation with younger players and prospects, he must be itching to prove himself as a veteran coach to skeptics.

At present, his asset lies in his ability to coach younger players. Neighbours and Thomas could be a dangerous duo in the future that Bannister might be daydreaming about.