Would the Blues make the playoffs next season if they did nothing this summer?

Let’s hope not, but what if Doug Armstrong decides this offseason to do nothing. Not a single move aside from resigning all the Blues UFA and RFA, would they make it? The easy answer is clearly no; they didn’t make it this season, so what would make them do it this season? But the real answer is a little bit more complicated than that. 
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

What would it take? 

I went and looked back at the West standings from the past three seasons, and on average, the last team to make the playoff needed a little below 97 points. If we compare this to last season, the Blues had 92 points, so in theory they would need around 5 more points next season to make it. 

Where do they find the five points? 

My initial consideration is growth. The Blues boast a youthful roster, and the expectation is that each year we witness progression from their young talents like Neighbours, Thomas, and Kyrou. While this season saw improvements from the first two, with them having their best campaigns yet, Kyrou experienced a downturn, posting fewer points than in his previous two seasons: 67 points this season compared to 75 and 73 previously. Should Kyrou rediscover the form he showcased before, it could be instrumental in the Blues gaining those five crucial points. 

Help coming? 

Obviously, the burden of gaining those five points wouldn’t solely fall on Kyrou; there are several players in their system who could contribute. One notable prospect is Dalibor Dvorský, their first-round pick in 2023. Last season, he showcased his talent in the OHL, tallying an impressive 88 points in 52 games. Due to his age, Dvorský isn't eligible for the AHL next season. If the Blues decide it's not best for Dvorský to spend another year in the OHL, they might be inclined to give him a shot in the NHL, especially if he performs well in training camp. His inclusion in the lineup could provide a significant boost in secondary scoring. 

The Jimmy Snuggerud situation 

It's no secret that Snuggerud could be a pivotal player for the Blues in their playoff aspirations next season. However, we've learned from the general manager, Doug Armstrong, that we won't be seeing Snuggerud in a Blues uniform—at least not at the beginning of next season. This news undoubtedly affects the outcome of this hypothetical scenario. Apart from him or Dvorsky, I don’t foresee immediate help arriving for the Blues. 

The result

To put it briefly, there's a slim chance the Blues could reach the playoffs if they maintain the status quo this offseason. However, it's not a strong possibility. Yet, we can still hope Armstrong surprises us with some intriguing moves this summer.