St. Louis Blues: 5 Reasons Fans Oversimplify Alex Pietrangelo Situation

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St. Louis Blues

ST LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 02: Pietrangelo #27 of the St. Louis Blues shows off the Stanley Cup prior to playing against the Washington Capitals at Enterprise Center on October 2, 2019 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

The St. Louis Blues upset some fans with their recent action. Fans tend to not see the entire picture, however.

The St. Louis Blues, according to multiple sources, recently told Alex Pietrangelo to see what his options are in free agency. They have not ruled out continually pursuing a contract extension, nor has Pietrangelo ruled out a return.

What this does mean is the Blues odds to keep their captain definitely went down. They’re not zero, nor are they single digits, but something that was a high probability suddenly became more 50/50.

Of course, fans are going to be upset. Those that want Pietrangelo to stay see this as a monumental mistake.

The Blues are essentially playing Russian roulette. It’s dangerous, but we have to trust Doug Armstrong at this point.

Would most of us rather this have been done already or get done before free agency? Absolutely yes, but it’s not as simple as many want to make out.

Regardless of which side they support, the team or the player, fans tend to oversimplify things. It’s much more complex.

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