St. Louis Blues Rumors: Jordan Kyrou is going nowhere

St. Louis Blues Jordan Kyrou (25)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
St. Louis Blues Jordan Kyrou (25)Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports /

When looking around the dark corners of the internet and coming across rumors, it is always important to take everything with a grain of salt, even when reading this particular site. The truth is, unless you work for the St. Louis Blues, your information is anything from speculation to informed guesses for the beat writers.

While searching for story ideas for myself, I came across a rather disturbing rumor. Danny Silver of MyNHLTradeRumors suggested the Blues might consider dealing Jordan Kyrou.

This is shocking, in and of itself. However, fear not Blues fans. There is simply no chance of this actually happening.

The main point of the article is discussing the actual sources in Toronto saying the Maple Leafs might be looking to trade Travis Dermott. Silver does a lot of guess work from there.

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There is a report by Travis Straub of MSB West saying the Blues are in contact with Toronto. The author, Silver, then jumps to the conclusion that a Kyrou for Dermott swap, plus maybe some picks, would be fine.

It would be fine for Toronto. They’d be getting a potentially electrifying forward with speed and a scoring touch.

The problem with this is it was likely done without actually seeing Kyrou playing. If they had followed his progress, just within this one season, they would know there is no chance the Blues give up on Kyrou.

There have been rumors in the past of his inclusion in potential deals. If St. Louis did not pursue those when Kyrou was just potential, why in the world would they do it now that they’ve seen him live up to expectations, even if just briefly?

Why would the Blues want Dermott anyway? While I have not seen enough of him to know, based on his numbers, he seems like another Vince Dunn.

They are the same age, put up similar offensive numbers and also have the potential for high numbers of turnovers. The only difference on paper is that Dermott is currently about $1 million cheaper. Like Dunn, he’s a restricted free agent in the summer of 2021. So, the Blues would still face the prospect of a free agency battle with the player even if they dealt Dunn elsewhere?

Another thing to consider is that Silver jumps to the conclusion this might involve Kyrou. Why?

Would it not make more sense for the Blues and Maple Leafs to be discussing Dunn? The article discusses the Blues needing upgrading in their bottom-three defenders.

That might be true, depending on perspective. Toronto is in the exact same boat, so who is to say they are not trying to add the defenseman instead of the Blues?

The bottom line is that Kyrou is not going anywhere. Doug Armstrong would almost flush all the great trades he’s made recently down the toilet if he gave up on Kyrou for a middling defender.

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The Blues might have more depth up front than the blue line, but they’re not the highest powered offensive team in the league. You don’t get rid of someone who could very well be a leading goal scorer in the future for a third-pair defender right now. Not happening.