Don’t Get your Hopes up, St. Louis Blues fans: Brady Tkachuk is most likely untouchable, at least for now

St. Louis Blues fans would be ecstatic to welcome homegrown star and son of Keith Tkachuk to the Blues, Brady Tkachuk. However, recent reports indicate the young star is set to remain in Ottawa for the years to come.
Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators
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Many St. Louis Blues fans desire to see Brady Tkachuk in a St. Louis Blues jersey.

First, he’s the son of legend Keith Tkachuk and a homegrown talent that almost all fans follow closely.

His talent is noteworthy. He was drafted fourth overall in the 2018 draft. At 24, he has already earned four All-Star appearances.

However, Blues fans must pump the brakes and realize that acquiring Tkachuk is extremely far-fetched, at least for now.

Ottawa Senators GM  Steve Staios shot down rumors on Brady Tkachuk trade possibilities

The Blues aren’t the only team linked to possible trade talks regarding Tkachuk.

The hockey world is buzzing with news about Tkachuk, with reports connecting him to teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs.

However, remaining faithful to his star player, who still has four years remaining on his contract, Senators GM Steve Staios said there are no truths to the apparent rumors that the Senators are looking to shop Tkachuk.

Of course, crazier things have happened in professional sports.

Nevertheless, given Tkachuk’s current stats and expected flourishing future, the Senators would be the loser in any potential trade outcome.

At what point could Staios change his mind? Most likely, if Tkachuk verbally stated his displeasure about being in Ottawa and demanded a trade.

Tkachuk is classy and hasn’t even alluded to anything relevant or close to that, at least not publicly.

His brother Matthew did seek to be lifted out of Calgary, but he never made his wishes known until towards the end of his contract.

Brady’s presence as the Senators foundation alone justifies the desire to stay. He’s competitive and certainly doesn’t want to abandon his teammates or the legacy he has already created.

At what point could the St. Louis Blues entertain a Brady Tkachuk trade?

The answer lies with Tkachuk and his desire to stay or leave Ottawa.

For now, he’s loyal to the Ottawa Senators. However, if Ottawa struggles and doesn’t pick up vital free-agent acquisitions, it’s fair to assume he will eventually grow tired of the situation.

He’s got a new coach and is surrounded by a unit he has arguably built.

While it’s a fairytale dream to see him wear a Blues jersey, it seems highly unlikely.

Given his age and the accomplishments he has already made in the NHL, the Senators asking price would probably be three-star players or a combination of good players and highly touted prospects.

While some Blues fans eagerly throw out Jordan Kyrou’s name to the mix, the Blues would have to accompany a Kyrou deal with much more prized prospects.

The math doesn’t add up, especially since Tkachuk hasn’t requested his departure.