How Does Brandon Saad Contribute to the St. Louis Blues Success?

Robert Thomas led the St. Louis Blues with 86 points. His talent is clear. Outside of Thomas, there remain reasons to be excited as several players continue to make strides in becoming better players.
Los Angeles Kings v St Louis Blues
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Robert Thomas set the tone. Not only did he finish with 86 points, but he earned his first All-Star appearance.

Other St. Louis Blues players also improved, albeit a little under the radar compared to Thomas.

Alongside Pavel Buchnevich, Jordan Kyrou also saw a decline in his numbers.

Some Blues fans might be a little worried about Kyrou’s numbers, though Buchnevich has remained a steady hand and, in terms of points, only lost 4 total points this year from the previous season.

A bigger worry could be captain Brayden Schenn’s 19-point decrease. Schenn played in all 82 games and saw his numbers drop quite drastically.

Keep your eyes on St. Louis Blues forward Brandon Saad

Brandon Saad experienced genuine improvement, as indicated by his numbers.

In 2022-23, Saad played in 71 games, concluding the season with 37 points, highlighted by his almost equal 19 goals and 18 assists.

In 2023-24, Saad finished with 42 points in 82 games, showcasing his 26 goals.

While the numbers aren’t near that of Robert Thomas, he has improved.

One could argue that his previous year might have been superior if he had played in all 82 games.

In spite of everything, he was still able to improve. With his veteran status, Saad has demonstrated impressive numbers throughout his career.

His highest points total was 53, recorded twice during his tenure with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

He nearly matched his career high in his 2021-22 season with the St. Louis Blues, recording 49 points.

Saad is also an average age, entering the next season at 31. He has two Cup championships from his time with the Chicago Blackhawks and an All-Star appearance in 2016.

One of his best attributes is his leadership and sportsmanship, signaled by his winning the William Hanley Trophy in the 2011 season.

If Saad stays with the St. Louis Blues, expect him to continue to develop into a veteran leader as GM Doug Armstrong pivots around offseason deals and decision-making.