St. Louis Blues: Pavel Buchnevich, the Underrated Gem

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Pavel Buchnevich will enter his ninth year in the league, entering his fourth season as a St. Louis Blues member.

In the past three years, Buchnevich has been among the top three statistical leaders in St. Louis in total points, which indicates his productivity and skill level.

Buchnevich has had his most successful years while playing in St. Louis, surpassing his performance during his time in New York.

More appreciation should be focused on Pavel Buchnevich

Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou are younger and locked into long-term contracts, but Buchnevich is an undervalued player in St. Louis.

His contract ends after the 2024-25 season, which proves that general manager Doug Armstrong is focused on building around Thomas and Kyrou.

In any case, Buchnevich possesses the qualities of a steady and reliable player. If the goal is to retain Buchnevich in St. Louis, it is essential to seriously consider offering him a longer-term contract. Given his accomplishments, he’s earned it.

The past three years have seen Buchnevich consistently delivering solid performances, as the statistics indicate:

Top Three Performers of each year


Vladimir Tarasenko: 34 goals, 48 assists, 82 points.
Robert Thomas: 20 goals, 57 assists, 77 points.
Pavel Buchnevich: 30 goals, 46 points, 76 points.


Jordan Kyrou: 37 goals, 36 assists, 73 points.
Pavel Buchnevich: 26 goals, 41 assists, 67 points.
Brayden Schenn: 21 goals, 44 assists, 65 points.


Robert Thomas: 26 goals, 60 assists, 86 points.
Jordan Kyrou: 31 goals, 36 assists, 67 points.
Pavel Buchnevich: 27 goals, 36 assists, 63 points.

While Buchnevich's overall point tally has decreased, it is important to highlight that he is the only player currently on the Blues team who managed to secure a position in the top three statistical leaders by the end of the season. In this case, we must recognize and give him the credit he deserves.

If you look at the numbers, Buchnevich is underrated.