If he leaves Detroit, Could David Perron choose the Toronto Maple Leafs over the St. Louis Blues?

As the classy player he is, David Perron seems loyal to the Detroit Red Wings. However, as a free agent, there is a good chance his services might be sought elsewhere.
New York Rangers v Detroit Red Wings
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Why would David Perron leave the Detroit Red Wings? He's an alternate captain who has continued to grow a deeper fanbase, showcasing his talent and rare leadership skill set.

Perron is one of the most respected veterans in the league and is probably a player almost all NHL GMs would seek to have on their roster.

In a recent interview, Perron stayed classy and praised his time in Detroit, even alluding to the fact that he would love to stay.

However, when asked directly about possibly playing with Craig Berube, Perron may have shocked some fans.

Perron's response was neither a yes nor a no, but his complimentary words about Berube sparked speculation of a possible reunion in Toronto.

Would a Berube-Perron match assist the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Of course, it would. Perron knows Berube's style and vice versa.

Toronto's desperate need for a player like Perron makes him the perfect fit.

Come playoff time, the Maple Leafs fold under pressure. They need a handful of Perron's, but starting with one could be a real difference-maker.

While St. Louis Blues fans, including myself, long for a fourth reunion with the Blues, Perron's chances of returning are slim.

Did St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong chase off Perron for good?

The breakup was rather messy. Perron desired to stay and felt undervalued by GM Doug Armstrong.

Armstrong has also previously allowed Perron to depart, which might lie in the back of Perron's head and serve as a real obstacle for a fourth reunion.

Anything's possible, but Perron, now 36, is most likely looking for a win-now situation where his services could help bolster a team to a Cup.

Toronto serves as an ideal spot if a Cup is his goal.

However, if Perron wishes to retire in a St. Louis Blues jersey and finish in the city that is most deeply connected to him, Armstrong should go after him strong and, yes, show him respect in the contractual figures.

For now, we wait, though we all root for Perron.