Toronto Takeover: Former and Current St. Louis Blues players who are most likely to join Craig Berube

With Craig Berube poised to lead the talent-rich Toronto Maple Leafs, veterans with championship experience could be crucial in elevating the team to new heights. Which players from the 2019 Cup-winning St. Louis Blues team are likely to join him in Toronto?
2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven
2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

It’s popular in all major professional sports. When a legendary coach leaves a team, he seeks to bring championship-winning veteran experience with him to bolster the new squad to the next level.

Craig Berube can coach and is one of the most famous icons in St. Louis Blues history.

Players, by and large, loved playing for him. They relied on him and accompanied him into the fight.

As they sit today, the Toronto Maple Leafs are incredibly talented, led by perhaps the greatest player in the sport, Auston Matthews.

However, the Maple Leafs continue to underperform in the playoffs, resulting in several coaching changes. Berube, now leading the team, could help the Maple Leafs by bringing experienced, championship-winning players from his time in St. Louis.

David Perron

Perron, a player cherished by St. Louis Blues fans, has been with the Detroit Red Wings for the past few seasons.

Last week, he stayed true to his classy reputation and vowed his heart and dedication were in Detroit, seeking to remain with the Red Wings. However, when asked directly about possibly joining Berube in Toronto, Perron did not relinquish his admiration for his former coach.

Perron is the ideal veteran player for the Maple Leafs to add. He would require a friendly, smaller contract but would bring an asset to the team few can match in the game. He is known as one of the most dedicated players in the NHL. His toughness, veteran leadership, and heart make him a must-have for Berube.

Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko, a former star player for the St. Louis Blues, is another veteran player who might join Berube.

Like Perron, Tarasenko could garner a friendly short-term deal. He is a UFA after the season.

Given the Florida Panthers presence in the Stanley Cup Finals, his addition could raise the Maple Leafs level of success.

While he is not the star he once was in St. Louis, he is a scoring threat and a proven player who could obviously assist the Maple Leafs in their team depth and postseason play.

Current St. Louis Blues Players

Perron and Tarasenko are the best, most cost-effective options for the Maple Leafs to consider. Both are FAs after the season and could bring extreme talent, especially in the post-season, to Toronto.

On the other hand, there are two players under contract with the St. Louis Blues who have significant connections to Berube and may be considered as trade options.

Colton Parayko and Brayden Schenn could both bring veteran leadership and serve as ideal role models for the Maple Leafs.

While neither will blow you away in the point category, they could serve as the crucial locker room leaders needed to finish off a Stanley Cup run.

Due to their long-term and high contracts, as well as a full no-trade clause, an acquisition is highly unlikely.

Yet, if Berube made a strong effort to seek out the veteran presence, a deal could be feasible.

While the offseason hasn’t started, expect the Toronto Maple Leafs to target former St. Louis Blues players from the 2019 squad.