Liam Greentree, RW, was named in the recent St. Louis Blues mock draft

As NHL draft pundits maneuver around weeks before the NHL Entry Draft, names continue to be thrown out for first-round selections. One respected NHL site has the St. Louis Blues selecting Liam Greentree as the No. 16 pick.
Guelph Storm v Windsor Spitfires
Guelph Storm v Windsor Spitfires / Dennis Pajot/GettyImages

Could Liam Greentree become a member of the St. Louis Blues? Various websites, including Dobber Prospects, have mentioned his name.

Here at Bleedin’ Blue, we covered him as a potential pick in May, as most experts have Greentree hanging around the 14-16 pick in the first round of the NHL draft.

What could Liam Greentree bring to the St. Louis Blues?

“The Blues have a type that they like, big, mobile, two-way players. Greentree has size at 6-2 but may not be overly aggressive. Despite that he scored 36 goals and 90 points so he should fit in with players like Jake Neighbours and Zach Dean nicely,” wrote Dobber Prospects.

Greentree spent 2022-23 and 2023-24 with the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL.

OHL Stats:

2022-23: 61 games, 25 goals, 20 assists, 45 points.
2023-24: 64 games, 36 goals, 54 assists, 90 points.

His numbers increased this season, and he finished with an impressive 90 points. This is the kind of improvement that GMs aim for when they assess a first-round pick.

Greentree’s size makes him an intriguing player to consider in the mid-late first round, exactly where the St. Louis Blues sit.

While his skating and control need improvement, analysts highlight his scoring ability, particularly on the struggling Windsor Spitfires with a record of 18-42-5. This stands out as a bright spot.

This season taught him the importance of facing adversity, especially after his team's impressive record and playoff appearance the year before.

Greentree remained determined despite his team's underwhelming performance and absence from the postseason race. It is crucial not to ignore such qualities.

“I view him as a future complementary piece to a top six and power-play two weapon,” wrote Austin Stanovich of The Hockey News.

Overall, Greentree has the size and scoring ability to be a serious threat in the NHL. With his development and further growth, particularly in skating and control, he remains an ideal choice for the 16th selection.