What would a potential trade package look like if the Blues traded for Jakob Chychrun?

Jakob Chychrun could be on the move this summer, and the St. Louis Blues look like a great fit, given their need for a young, two-way blueliner.
St Louis Blues v Ottawa Senators
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The ideal trade package that would bring Chychrun to St. Louis

St. Louis, at this point, would trade Torey Krug to Detroit, where he can factor in as a replacement for the likely departing Shayne Gostisbehere. Krug has played well on the man advantage throughout his time with the Blues, so this trade would make a ton of sense, especially for a team with generous cap space like the Wings. 

But the Blues also need to compensate the Senators, so they’re sending Ottawa a first-round pick in 2025 and a third-rounder in 2026, plus Juraj Pekarcik. St. Louis will also send the Wings a 2025 fourth-round pick for ‘brokering’ the trade. And to give the Blues multiple assets, Ottawa will send its 2025 fourth-round pick to Gateway City. 

Overall, all three teams should get what they want here, with the Blues finally landing one of the league’s upper-echelon young two-way defensemen in Chychrun. This would be a challenging deal to work out, and while the absolute best-case scenario would involve two teams, we’re also taking a realistic look here, and few would see Parayko, Leddy, Krug, or Faulk going to a place like Ottawa. 

So the ideal trade in this scenario is more of a contingency plan than anything else, but one that will more than benefit all three teams involved, something you rarely see in three-team trades.