3 reasons the St. Louis Blues must trade for Jakob Chychrun

Surprise trades happen all the time in the NHL, and Jakob Chychrun to the St. Louis Blues makes sense on many levels.
St Louis Blues v Ottawa Senators
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The St. Louis Blues may have maxed out what they can do with an older roster, so while logistics say it’s time to promote prospects while continually improving what is a mid-tier pipeline, there is always another option: To trade for established but younger talent. 

Jacob Chychrun is one player who is still young enough to become part of an organization that is brewing a young core of players that includes Jordan Kyrou (26), Robert Thomas (24), Alexey Toropchenko (24), and Jake Neighbours (22). This doesn’t include those who ended the year with the Springfield Thunderbirds plus more exciting prospects, but as you can see, Chychrun (26) fits right into that age group. 

The Blues could also trade for Chychrun and get younger while simultaneously trading away older talent should they get a good deal for them. Doing so would make the Blues younger, better, and it would improve their prospects pool, but they’re also still in a good position to roll with their current lineup and add someone like Chychrun. 

St. Louis Blues would get serious help if they acquired Jakob Chychrun

It’s tough to say the Blues enjoyed a good season, but they still came close enough to earning a playoff berth that an addition like Chychrun could supplement the team to push them back into a wild card spot for 2025. Chychrun may be a defenseman, but his offensive game is one major reason he would make sense for the Blues. 

But let’s break that one reason into two, as Chychrun’s offensive game would help St. Louis in multiple ways. It was something he’s been doing since his days with the Arizona Coyotes, and if he’s on the move again this year, it will also be something he will do with whomever his next team may be. 

So let’s start with how well Chychrun has performed in the past in what was one of the weakest areas on the Blues last season - the power play