St. Louis Blues: A special thanks to GM Doug Armstrong

Any change in the front office can cause great anxiety among sports fans. For better or worse, change in leadership comes with many unknowns. With St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong naming Alexander Steen his replacement in training, there is great hope for the future in St. Louis.
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While the St. Louis Blues fanbase may be divided on their overall feelings toward GM Doug Armstrong, the facts remain that Armstrong is one of the most successful GMs in league history and the only manager to lead the Blues to a Cup victory.

Perhaps a bit of a love-hate relationship developed between Armstrong and some fans. But personally, I've always respected the guy and liked his style.

Armstrong has high expectations, evidenced by his many changes, notably in the head coach position.

However, Armstrong sets the bar high for himself as well.

St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong got it right with the Alexander Steen hire

Loyal fans become nervous when there are front-office changes. While coaches are of extreme importance, GMs dictate the future. They hold the power to draft, trade, release, and sign. When a managerial outsider comes to a team, particularly one the fanbase knows nothing about, great anxiety tends to follow.

The decision to hire Alexander Steen as the future general manager is a winning move.

The Blues faithful trust Steen and he has a chance to learn from one of the most successful GMs in NHL history for the next two years.

Steen, only 40 years old, can also position himself as the GM for future years. Naturally, he must assemble winning teams, but given our familiarity of Steen's abilities from his playing days, success is the assumed goal.

Can Steen be the next John Elway? Leading his beloved team to championships as both a player and general manager?

The fact that Armstrong zeroed in on Steen speaks volumes about his love and admiration of the St. Louis Blues and their fanbase. Going with a hometown hero as the next GM was a genius move, and fans are ecstatic about it.

Alexander Steen will make his presence known

As we look ahead to the next two years, which will undoubtedly be filled with excitement and anticipation for the future of the Blues and their official roster, it is worth noting that Steen's arrival in St. Louis signifies the start of a new chapter in the history of the St. Louis Blues.

Alexander Steen has the opportunity to carry on his legacy within the city that has played a significant role in shaping him into a successful NHL player.

It takes humility to pass the keys in any managerial switch; we thank Doug Armstrong for his professionalism and ability to choose the correct replacement, a beloved St. Louis Blues player, Alexander Steen.