St. Louis Blues: Breaking down the Pavel Buchnevich signing

It seems Pavel Buchnevich will have a long future in St. Louis, as he signed a 6-year contract extension. Will he retire as a member of the St. Louis Blues?
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks
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The signing of Pavel Buchnevich's six-year contract extension was well-received by fans and hockey experts.

While some St. Louis Blues fans were displeased with the long contract and no-trade clause protecting Buchnevich for four years, the deal, by and large, provides stability to a fanbase longing for an understanding of the team's future direction.

The length of the contract reflects the current market situation.

With the free agency frenzy of July 1st, the big names signed 6-year deals, ending the day with a historic $1 billion spent within the free-agency market.

Buchnevich wasn't a free agent but was headed in that direction after the 2024-25 season. GM Doug Armstrong pulled the trigger and locked Buchnevich up, using the 2024 free agent market as the standard.

Is Pavel Buchnevich worth the large contract?

Yes. His time in St. Louis proves as much.

His best statistical years have come in St. Louis. He played for the New York Rangers for five years, and every season in St. Louis has outperformed his time in New York.

St. Louis Blues:

2021-22: 73 games, 30 goals, 46 assists, 76 points.
2022-23: 63 games, 26 goals, 41 assists, 67 points.
2023-24: 80 games, 27 goals, 36 assists, 63 points.

Don't be concerned with his deflating statistics; his goal-scoring is consistent. He was the second top goal scorer in 2023-24, second in 2022-23, and third in 2021-22.

He not only scores but also has good numbers in the assist category.

At 29 years old, he's a veteran player looking to return to the playoffs. With a team focused on the existing youth and future play of prized prospects, Buchnevich fits in perfectly with Armstrong's plan. He brings an experienced scoring mentality who can support the young players both now and in the future.

Expect nothing different from him next season; as it stands, he'll most likely be a top-three goal scorer. His signing signals as much.

While other teams around the league made big splashes in free agency, the extension to Buchnevich shouldn't be overlooked. While it may be a quiet deal, it brings stability and a sense of relief to a unit aiming for post-season play. Robert Thomas now knows he has one of his top goal-scorers for the years to come. This is a win-win situation.