St. Louis Blues History: Revisiting the 1990-91 Season with Brett Hull

Brett Hull is widely regarded as one of the most exceptional players in the history of the St. Louis Blues. His extraordinary performance in the 1990-91 season distinguishes him from other notable individuals, enabling him to accomplish the unattainable and secure a spot in the record books.   
St. Louis Blues
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Brett Hull remains one of the most popular players in St. Louis Blues history.

His career totals are nothing short of amazing.

The Blues record books are dominated by Brett Hull, who secured his place as the team's top goal scorer with an incredible 527 goals. With a total of 936 points, he falls just behind Bernie Federko, placing second in the all-time points ranking.

You can't discuss his career without mentioning the 1990-91 season.


The season of 1990-91 was truly exceptional and unlike any other year for Hull.

He achieved a staggering 86 goals and 45 assists, amassing a total of 131 points, the highest in his career.

Interestingly, from 1989 to 1992, Hull had four consecutive seasons of 100 points or more, with the 1990 season being his most impressive.

Hull had an exceptional season, leading the NHL in total goals and securing the third spot in NHL history for the most goals in a single season. Only Wayne Gretzky's remarkable seasons of 92 goals in 1981-82 and 87 goals in 1983-84 surpass Hull's impressive performance.

In 1990-91, Hull won the Hart Memorial Trophy (MVP) and the Lady Byng Trophy.

The Blues finished the year with 105 points, ranking second in the Norris Division.

Unfortunately, the Blues elimination in the Division finals marked the end of a dream year for Hull.

Nevertheless, Hull finds himself in the company of some truly impressive names in the NHL record book. In the 1990-91 campaign, he scored 50-in-50, becoming the fifth player in NHL history to record 50 goals in 50 games.

The year was special, yet postseason play ended the magic.

However, it cannot be denied that Hull's status as a legend in the NHL is well-earned. He holds the remarkable record of 741 career goals in 1269 games, placing him at No. 5 in NHL history.