The St. Louis Blues landed a can’t-miss prospect in NHL Mock Draft 2.0

Conventional wisdom says the St. Louis Blues must roll with defense no matter what, but sometimes, a prime prospect falls, and there’s no choice but to scoop them up.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game / Dale Preston/GettyImages
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Round 5: Jonas Taibel, F/Rapperswil

One of the 2024 NHL Draft’s most interesting prospects, Jonas Taibel has made his mark at the international level and he’s got a chance to do the same in NL this season. He’s already familiar with both the North American and European games, so if he makes it back to the US/Canada, he won’t face as much of a transition. 

Round 7A: Alex Mercier, RW/Moncton

At 5’10, Alex Mercier doesn’t have a frame that will hold much more muscle, but he’s still a solid 190 pounds and has gotten more productive throughout his three seasons in the QMJHL. He won’t score many goals, and he may never even reach a point per game, but his sheer intensity is what will make him a great value pick here, so I took a flier on him with this pick. 

Round 7B: Loic Goyette, LW/Drummondville 

Like Alex Mercier, I spent my second seventh-round pick on a player whose points production wasn’t a big deal, but one who brought more of a hardworking, high-intensity approach. Loic Goyette wouldn’t be much more than organizational depth with perhaps the occasional NHL appearance when he’s ready for the pro game, but he will be a surefire competitor. 


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