St. Louis Blues: Major personal implications await Pavel Buchnevich in the 2024-25 season

Pavel Buchnevich is not only a skilled player in the St. Louis Blues locker room but an essential part of the team. What can we expect from him in 2024-25?
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Granted, Pavel Buchnevich stays put without any unexpected trade or surprise deal. Buchnevich is set to enter the last year of his contract in 2024-25.

This serves as an intriguing storyline: What does his future hold? Will GM Doug Armstrong seek to keep the veteran? Will Buchnevich desire to play elsewhere?

2024-25 is extremely important for Pavel Buchnevich

If there are skeptics out there or fans who question his worth, understand that Pavel Buchnevich is one of the most reliable goal-scorers the St. Louis Blues have.

In terms of goals scored, he ranked second in 2023-24 with 27.

The year before, in 2022-23, he ranked second with 26. In his first year with the Blues, he ranked third with 30, which happened to be his career high in goal scoring.

Entering the end of a four-year contract worth $23.2 million, speculation looks like Buchnevich is either playing for an extension in St. Louis or marketing himself for a future role in another city.

Blues fans could be surprised in the upcoming weeks with an unforeseen contract extension or even a strategic trade. The way Armstrong has been signing deals lately, perhaps a deal is made.

But with the emergence of Jake Neighbours and the skilled players of Dalbior Dvorsky, Otto Stenberg, and Jimmy Snuggerud most likely entering gameplay in the next couple of seasons, the likes of Buchnevich might come to an end.

While he’s 29 years old and still has gas left in the tank, Armstrong and even future GM Alexander Steen have to contemplate Buchnevich’s age and contract expectations and determine if he’s worth keeping on a team centered on Thomas and, most likely, future prospect Dalibor Dvorsky.

There is no question that Buchnevich can play and score. He’s proven his worth. But does his play warrant a high-level contract? Expect the brakes to be pumped there.

With a cash-strapped roster, and the previous decision to overpay defensemen, the front office must exercise caution, realizing the youth of the current roster and upcoming prospects are the future.

If Buchnevich gives a hometown discount, he’s a keeper. If he expects prominent figures, we will probably see him in a different jersey in a year from now, or maybe even sooner.

Either way, the 2024-25 season will determine his future, that much we know.