St. Louis Blues: The Playoff Legacy of Jordan Binnington

Jordan Binnington made a name for himself in the 2018-19 playoff run that helped earn the St. Louis Blues their first championship victory in franchise history. How does Binnington fare in other playoff appearances?
Edmonton Oilers v St Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Jordan Binnington’s legacy is most deeply connected to the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals and his remarkable performance throughout the playoffs that year.

In the 2018-19 playoff run, Binnington showcased a .914 save percentage. His impressive play played a role, if not the deciding factor, in game seven of the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, when the St. Louis Blues won the championship over the Boston Bruins on the road.

However, Binnington has played in three playoff runs since the 2019 Cup.

How does Jordan Binnington fare in playoff play?

2019-20: 5 games. 0-5 record. .851 SV%.

2020-21: 4 games. 0-4 record. .899 SV %.

2021-22: 6 games. 4-1 record. .949 SV%.

Binnington’s performance in the two seasons following the 2019 championship might surprise some fans.

He didn’t win a single playoff game, and his 2019-20 playoff experience was nothing like his championship year.

Nonetheless, Binnington’s last postseason appearance showcased his brilliance, achieving a 4-1 record and a remarkable .949 save percentage.

Binnington has been the product of a rebuild of some sort, with star players leaving and being traded.

He’s also had several partners backing him up in the goalie position.

If Binnington's recent playoff stop and performance in the 2023-24 regular season are any indication, he seems to have found his groove and could be a major force in the postseason if the Blues get there soon.  

It is astonishing to think that he has only been involved in four postseason tournaments, especially considering he is nearly 31 years old. This has led to a genuine fear among some fans and experts alike that his prime may be slipping away sooner than expected. But the stats say the opposite.

Make no mistake: Binnington is one of the most reliable goaltenders in the league and arguably one of the top, (if not the best) players on the St. Louis Blues roster.

Binnington has had two brilliant performances in his four playoff years, a Cup win, and one poor year. The stats show his reliability and experience in pivotal games, such as game seven victories, as evident in the 2019 season.

May Binnington be blessed with further triumphs in the playoffs.