St. Louis Blues: While Craig Berube's gone, his style remains in one particular player

If you think coaches aren't important, you don't get sports. A great coach will leave an impression on the hearts of his players. Craig Berube appears to have done just that.
2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven
2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

For the record, I support Drew Bannister 100%. However, as St. Louis Blues fans know, his coaching style and approach differ from that of previous coach Craig Berube.

And so be it; each coach has their style. Teams and players either buy in, or they don't.

In 2018-19, the St. Louis Blues not only bought into Berube but also embodied his aggressive style and became warriors on the ice.

Most players from the 2019 Cup are gone, with very few holdovers.

However, one player seems to embody Berube, an asset for the current St. Louis Blues roster.

Jordan Binnington

Maybe it's my love for military history and my admiration for seeing men head into battle. Jordan Binnington is that mighty warrior who has proven his resiliency, competitive nature, and fearlessness.

To me, these traits match Berube's. From Berube's uncompromising approach to his legendary Game 7 pre-game speech against the Boston Bruins, Binnington likewise is fearless and willing to face adversity.

Sure, you can argue that all hockey players are aggressive, as it's the nature of the sport, but Binnington stands alone in this category.

His team can feed off of his confidence and superior play, and they have done so in countless examples, even outside of the 2018-19 season.

Binnington is a bit of a product of Berube's legacy and more than likely a Berube loyalist.

Nonetheless, he is not obligated to leave; he has the capability to achieve success and make his mark on the history of the St. Louis Blues, following in the footsteps of Berube.

Jordan Binnington can be a legend in St. Louis Blues history

The NFL great Ray Lewis won two Super Bowls under two different coaching styles: Brian Billick's and John Harbaugh's. Lewis was loyal to both and probably picked up some great attributes from each of his leaders.

Binnington can replicate Lewis's success. Binnington can keep Berube's fiery nature alive and well in the team. At the same time, Binnington can continue to grow into a useful leader under Bannister's realm.

The great ones thrive with all sorts of coaching styles.

Binnington resembles Berube in his play and assuredly attributes much of his immediate success to the former Blues coach. But Binnington can continue to build his impressive resume and lead the team in the future.

Berube might be gone, but never take for granted his influence on the past and current players, notably Jordan Binnington.