St. Louis Blues: Why Craig Berube will thrive in Toronto

In the NHL, coaches can make all the difference. Craig Berube showed this in 2019, taking the St. Louis Blues to their first-ever Cup win. Expect nothing different from Berube as the head coach in Toronto.
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven
Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Craig Berube is the classic hockey coach. He has a strong passion and is not afraid to challenge others vocally. He demands excellence from both his players and himself.

The Toronto Maple Leafs shifted gears, firing Sheldon Keefe and choosing Berube to lead them into the next chapter of their storied franchise.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been stagnant

The Maple Leafs consistently perform well in the regular season but struggle in the postseason.

Sports fans see this all the time. It’s common for highly successful regular season teams to struggle in the playoffs, leading to the swift firing of their head coaches.

Within the last three years, the Maple Leafs have a dominant win tally:

2023-24: 46-26-10, 102 points.
2022-23: 50-21-11, 111 points.
2021-22: 54-21-7, 115 points.

Notice the Maple Leafs have dropped in points in the past three seasons. Regardless, Auston Matthews has been instrumental in their outstanding regular season stats.

However, something isn’t mixing in Toronto; this is where Craig Berube will flourish.

Former St. Louis Blues coach Craig Berube will bring the best out of his players

The Maple Leafs have talent. Matthews recorded 107 points, followed by William Nylander’s 98.

They maintain a mixture of young and veteran talent but have consistently underperformed in the post-season.

When it comes to getting the most out of his stars, especially in high-stakes playoff games, Berube is unmatched.

Expect a coach for the Maple Leafs who brings a fiery and incomparable level of intensity. Matthews will be coached to the next level and most likely surrounded by a veteran unit that can help polish his game, notably in the playoffs.

Berube is the definition of a player's coach, yet one who expects greatness and will bring it out of those least expected.

The Maple Leafs are expected to see player departures in the offseason, either through free agency or trades. Maple Leafs fans can anticipate a range of new additions.

Fans in Toronto must brace themselves for the arrival of Berube's philosophy as changes are on the horizon.

To enhance their game, the Maple Leafs must prioritize adding missing pieces like scoring threats and veteran players.

Berube is sure to impress. We'll wait and see how he prepares for the next season and puts his own spin on things.