The Top Two Reasons Not to Trade Jordan Kyrou

Jordan Kyrou is clearly displeasing some St. Louis Blues fans. Yet, fans must stay loyal to the young player and understand his role in the future of the Blues.
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues
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Criticizing former coach Craig Berube and experiencing a decline in statistics, Jordan Kyrou's place on the team is uncertain for many St. Louis Blues fans.

Nevertheless, there are two primary reasons why St. Louis Blues fans must maintain their faith in Kyrou.

Kyrou is young and has earned an All-Star appearance 

Albeit Kyrou's All-Star appearance came in 2022, and his numbers have decreased in each of the last three years. Yet, Kyrou is young at 26 years old and arguably hasn't hit his prime.

There is still room for improvement within Kyrou's play, and the coaching centered on Drew Bannister and his reputation for building young players is a motivating factor to stick with Kyrou.

Given Bannister's deep familiarity with Kyrou, he is well-positioned to provide valuable guidance and support in his development.

Kyrou has remained healthy and consistently demonstrated his respectable skills in the NHL. Despite his deflating statistics, the appointment of Bannister as the permanent head coach offers hope for Kyrou's potential to rebound.

Given his age and the success he has already brought, it is noteworthy that Kyrou's existing contract is quite friendly.

The big issue with trading him is his potential.

A trade would be a horrible return for the St. Louis Blues

Like many other St. Louis Blues players on the roster, Kyrou will soon have a no-trade clause entering his contract around the 2025 season. While a player can still be traded, all interested parties must approve.

Kyrou's market is weak right now. His three statistical years of deflating numbers make him a bargain for other teams and a loss for the Blues.

Blues fans need to accept that it's doubtful any team would trade a player of similar skill for Jordan Kyrou.

Kyrou is neither a failure nor a terrible player. However, the decreasing statistics are a concern for GMs around the league and one that most front offices would not gamble on.

Therefore, trading Kyrou doesn't make sense.

The better alternative is to allow Bannister to coach Kyrou. Bannister's ability to train and develop skilled players is well-known, and he has already proven himself with Kyrou.

Be patient with Bannister, and believe in Kyrou.

Having veteran players constantly motivating him and urging him not to give up would tremendously benefit Kyrou.

Don't forget that we Blues fans have a role, too. Forget about the past; if Jordan Kyrou plays for the Blues, he deserves our backing. Players thrive on the crowd's response. Trust the process, and root for Kyrou.