Top 5 defensemen prospects the St. Louis Blues to consider in the 2024 NHL Draft

The St. Louis Blues have a glaring need for blueliners, and the 2024 NHL Draft is a perfect spot for general manager Doug Armstrong to find future stars.
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The 2024 NHL Draft will be here soon, and the St. Louis Blues have a guaranteed pick in the top half of the first round. General manager Doug Armstrong could go with the best player who falls to him with what is presumably the 16th pick pre-lottery. But thanks to a big need for defensive prospects, rolling with the best blueliner here could be the most logical option. 

If he takes what should be the most sensible route, the next question is obvious: Which blueliner would be an ideal selection with the 16th pick (or sooner)? There are quite a few prominent names to get excited for, and prospects like Henry Mews, Carter Yakemchuk, and Adam Jiricek could be there when Armstrong makes the pick. 

St. Louis Blues would fare well with a defense-first 2024 NHL Draft 

Carter Yakemchuk could be the most intriguing name of the three players mentioned, as he comes complete with sensational size (6’3, 194 lbs), and his 71 points and 30 goals in 66 games provides head-turning productivity. But someone who produces that well and already has the size to play in the big league sooner rather than later probably won’t be there when the Blues pick unless they luck out and draw a higher slot than 16th overall. 

You can also make the same argument for Henry Mews and Adam Jiricek, so let’s refrain from talking about the ‘what-ifs.’ This doesn’t mean someone from that trio won’t be available, but it’s hard to imagine they will when it’s time for Armstrong to make his selection. 

Instead, let’s discuss five blueliners Armstrong and the front office would do well to consider in the first round who have a higher probability of being available when it’s time for them to pick. And let’s start with an undersized yet intriguing blueliner.