Top 5 forwards the St. Louis Blues must have on their shortlist in the 2024 NHL Draft

The St. Louis Blues mainly need help at the blue line, but if a dynamic forward prospect is there in the 2024 NHL Draft, Doug Armstrong could elect to roll with them.
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Dean Letourneau, St. Andrew’s College

Dean Letourneau’s size would make any fan of the NHL’s 32 teams want him in their system, thanks to his 6’7, 209-pound build. And at age 18, he may not be finished filling out his frame just yet. By the time he’s in the NHL, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if Letourneau clocked in between 225 and 230 pounds and stood even taller, and that doesn’t include the kind of strength he will also add in that span. 

His status as an alternate captain is also a positive since it shows us Letourneau can be a future leader in whichever system he calls home, but what may be more striking than anything else is his productivity. 

Here’s a hint: Letourneau didn’t put up two points per game; he finished the regular season at St. Andrew’s College with 2.26 points per contest, or 127 total and 61 goals in 56 matchups. 

He’s also taking the collegiate route and will suit up for the Boston College Eagles in 2024-25. A team that just earned a trip to the National Championship Game this past season will seek to make a return, and an asset like Letourneau will certainly help them get there. 

He’s a power forward in the making and even if he doesn’t land in the Blues system, a player like Letourneau will be a privilege to watch over the next few seasons.