How Can the St. Louis Blues Make the Most of the Free Agent Market?

The St. Louis Blues are already shifting their focus to the offseason, particularly the potential moves in the free agent market.
Toronto Maple Leafs v St. Louis Blues
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"Free agency is another way Armstrong can add that missing piece or two to his organization. Given the $15.6 million (rounded up) in cap space, he has more than enough money to make a solid addition or two, even after re-signing some young talent, whether via trade or free agency," wrote Todd Matthews.

By assembling a roster with a blend of younger and veteran players, GM Doug Armstrong has given insight into his strategy for maintaining the St. Louis Blues current team, which has an average age of 26.

The St. Louis Blues don't have many free agents this offseason.

By signing long-term contracts with players like Jordan Kyrou and Robert Thomas, the team is showing their intention to compete in the short and long term.

Colton Parayko, Justin Faulk, Torey Krug, and Brayden Schenn are all tied to significant and expensive contracts.

How should the St. Louis Blues approach the upcoming free-agent market given their current roster, contractual obligations, and 2023-24 record?

Don't count on the St. Louis Blues to rebuild

Why would Armstrong have fired Craig Berube if he sought a genuine rebuild?

Armstrong believes he can win with this current roster and will most certainly attempt to enter free agency with a win-now mentality, filling in the voids from the previous season.

And honestly, if he carries out this approach, it's the best option.

The team fared well, especially under interim coach Drew Bannister. Robert Thomas made an All-Star appearance, and Jordan Binnington along with Joel Hofer played exceptionally well.

Due to the limitations of trade negotiations and no-trade clause contracts, the best way to win now and strengthen the team is through free agency.

The Blues don't have an incredible amount of cap space available, but enough to make a splash here and there.

The St. Louis Blues should seek friendly veteran contracts

Armstrong should not re-sign players like Scott Perunovich and Marco Scandella.

To enhance the existing talent of Thomas and Kyrou, it's best to look for skilled veteran players in free agency.

Although the Blues won't be able to get Sam Reinhart, they might consider adding an older player like Ian Cole or Patrick Kane to their roster.

A win-now mentality affects not only the front office, but also players like Cole and Kane. Without a doubt, they have no desire to be involved in a rebuild, and the St. Louis Blues offer an enticing opportunity for competitive post-season action.

The Blues do not have the means to acquire a player in their prime, so that strategy is not feasible.

Sure, the Blues could explore lesser-known players who haven't thrived on their current team, like Perunovich, but why not take a chance on a veteran player who has a history of success?

The possibility of Armstrong re-signing David Perron or Vladimir Tarasenko should not be ruled out. Yet, fans are aware that both players have legitimate concerns regarding their exit from the team. We still propose, is it possible for Perron or Tarasenko to contribute as scoring threats and veteran leaders?

Opting for a friendly one-to-two-year deal not only provides contractual protection but also aligns with expiring contracts of key players like Justin Faulk and Torey Krug, setting the Blues up for success in upcoming markets.

Whatever Armstrong decides, his focus should be on limited contracts. The current weakness lies in the massive contracts awarded to underachieving players.