NHL Draft 2024: A trip to Vegas could be a great time

Who would’ve guessed Vegas would become a hockey town? Get ready for an unforgettable event on June 28th and 29th - the 2024 NHL Draft is coming!
The Sphere in Las Vegas
The Sphere in Las Vegas / Anadolu/GettyImages

Las Vegas, Nevada, has something for everyone. People from all over the world visit Vegas for its nightlife, casinos, and world-class shows.

In 2017, the Vegas Golden Knights burst onto the scene and shocked the hockey world by reaching the Cup in their first season. In 2023, they became the Stanley Cup champions, setting the standard for expansion teams.

From the moment they stepped onto the ice, the Golden Knights made Vegas a hockey town.

This year’s draft is a must-see

With the 2024 NHL Draft held at the Sphere Entertainment Arena, all eyes are on Vegas. The prized Macklin Celebrini is set to become the first pick in the draft, most likely heading to the San Jose Sharks.

Hockey analysts rave about Celebrini, comparing him to the 2023 selection of Connor Bedard.

Besides Celebrini, there are numerous other talented players.

The Chicago Blackhawks sit at number two and are projected to select Artyom Levshunov. Whoever Chicago picks will join Bedard and might be the beginning of a new chapter in Chicago Blackhawks history.

Past the second pick, analysts vary in draft selections. Though pundits have identified the top ten prospects:

Macklin Celebrini
Artyom Levshunov
Cayden Lindstrom
Zeev Buium
Zayne Parekh
Trevor Connelly
Sam Dickinson
Berkly Catton
Tij Iginla
Michael Hage

The thrilling aspects of Vegas make it an ideal destination for young hockey players pursuing their lifelong goals.

Who will become the next stars in the NHL?

Who will be the next Nathan MacKinnon or Connor McDavid? Will the second pick joining Connor Bedard in Chicago unite with him to create a new dynasty?

Such questions prompt all hockey fans to tune in to the draft.

And lest we forget, with all the attention on the first-round, steals always take place in the latter rounds. Second and third-round picks are expected to become great players themselves.

The 2024 NHL Draft is set to air at 7:00 pm EST on June 28th.

It’s a must-watch TV for any hockey enthusiast.