St. Louis Blues Drew Bannister and Former Coach Craig Berube ended up where they belong

Two different coaching styles and two separate teams. Drew Bannister and Craig Berube have found perfect coaching fits, and fans of the Blues and Maple Leafs should anticipate positive outcomes.
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Although it might be tough to accept and could lead to confrontations for some St. Louis Blues fans, Drew Bannister has evidence of his success as a great hire, and Craig Berube can build upon his existing accomplishments.

While St. Louis Blues fans are still recovering from the rapid departure of one of the most famous coaches in franchise history, Berube's new team is the ideal location for him to land.

At the same time, Bannister serves as a potential foundational element in the St. Louis Blues franchise, one centered on youth.

Drew Bannister has the skills necessary to succeed for the St. Louis Blues

Are the St. Louis Blues rebuilding or not? This is the question many fans are contemplating. Signs differ.

However, if the 2023 NHL Draft was an indicator, GM Doug Armstrong is planning for a youthful future.

Why wouldn't he? His star, Robert Thomas, is still young, and many youth and veteran players surround the current team.

Outside of Thomas, Jake Neighbours raises eyebrows and is perhaps the most intriguing player on the roster. Neighbour's 27 goals tied veteran Pavel Buchnevich's numbers and could serve as the beginning of a talent-filled career.

Neighbours, 22 years old, has potential and the drive and passion for succeeding. The fact that he is in the NHL at such a young age demonstrates this.

Bannister prioritizes building prospects that align with the existing roster, such as Thomas, Neighbours, and even Jordan Kyrou.

Bannister's arsenal could include players like Dalibor Dvorsky, Theo Lindstein, Jimmy Snuggerud, and maybe even the 2024 pick.

Although Berube has the ability to coach young players, Bannister's skillset is a better fit for the future-oriented Blues team.

Expectations for the current team are still high, but the roster isn't built on 34-year-old stars expecting a Cup or else.

That scenario is most suitable for Craig Berube.

Craig Berube is a home run hire in Toronto

The Toronto Maple Leafs have become a model of what not to do. They perform exceptionally well in the regular season and collapse in the postseason.

Here comes Berube to the rescue.

Berube's coaching style centers on tough play, physicality, and dominance on both sides of the ice.

Berube's approach and style will have a positive impact on the Toronto roster. Berube's achievements in 2019 can be replicated in Toronto, where they have a team full of talent and Auston Matthews.

The situation is a win now, which most coaches would prefer.

Berube choosing Toronto is a clear indication of his outstanding reputation and capabilities, solidifying his position as one of the most highly sought-after coaches following his successful stint in St. Louis.

For reasons we may never know, St. Louis Blues GM Doug Armstrong initiated a complete rebuild and parted ways with the most notable names of the Cup year. With his eyes on the future and youth, Armstrong is betting on Bannister to continue his success.

Given Armstrong's philosophy, Berube may not have been a good fit today, making Toronto the ideal destination for the esteemed coach.

Here's to wishing both success.