St. Louis Blues: The Importance of Patience in Achieving Success

Patience is the name of the game. The St. Louis Blues are positioning themselves for the future while seeking to compete with their current roster.
St Louis Blues v Philadelphia Flyers
St Louis Blues v Philadelphia Flyers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

While general manager Doug Armstrong has refrained from explicitly urging for patience, his decision-making and managerial maneuvers throughout the past few years provide clear insight into his vision for the current roster.

The St. Louis Blues are building for the future

From the firing of Craig Berube to letting star players walk in free agency, Armstrong has moved on from the 2019 championship squad.

Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou’s skill and development are the centerpieces of the franchise.

However, outside Thomas and Kyrou, Armstrong strategically focused on the future within the past two draft cycles. Blues fans should expect nothing different in the 2024 NHL draft.

Elite prospects under contract exist, which is notable in Dalibor Dvorsky. Jimmy Snuggerud, the 2022 first-round selection, is also a promising future player.

Are the Blues rebuilding? Probably not, as Berube’s firing explains, expectations are still high.

But a change of roster and key players is absolutely underway. Yet Armstrong is not solely focusing on youth but attempting to develop a respectable team combining young stars and proven veterans.

Contract-wise, there are two significant commitments: Thomas and Kyrou.

Colton Parayko and Justin Faulk have rather large contracts, too, but they are still lower-scale than other league players around the NHL.

It’s fair to expect playoff contention

Blues fans might be urged to exercise patience, but not for long. Drew Bannister is expected to succeed.

His success is notable, 30-19-5. If his numbers show his potential, an entire season under his leadership could be even more impactful.

Bannister has the offseason and training camp to get to know the players further and set his own tone.  

The most significant difficulty for fans is that the roster looks so different from the 2019 Cup year. However, Armstrong has slowly made changes and has pivoted to transition a team focused on Ryan O’Reilly to one built upon Robert Thomas.

Should fans be patient? Yes, to see what changes continue to be made. In terms of the win column, patience is not needed, as expectations are set and already high. 

Taking a cue from Armstrong, fans should anticipate playoffs as well.