Three Reasons the St. Louis Blues Will Make the Playoffs in 2024-25

Although it's early and perhaps premature, St. Louis Blues fans could use some encouragement for the future. The team is well-positioned to compete next year and in the years ahead.
Minnesota Wild v St Louis Blues - Game Six
Minnesota Wild v St Louis Blues - Game Six / Scott Kane/GettyImages

Championship teams are built through a process. The current St. Louis Blues squad has potential. Whether it has championship potential is a far stretch at this point, but there remain several reasons why the Blues can succeed and find themselves back in the postseason.

St. Louis Blues head coach Drew Bannister

Yes, you read that correctly. Drew Bannister has the opportunity to make an impact. His 30-19-5 record is the first significant stepping stone in a potentially impressive NHL head coaching career.

Bannister can coach, and he has proven this throughout his career in the OHL, AHL, and this season with the Blues.

Let's be honest: most Blues fans know little about Bannister.

Bannister's strengths are his ability to develop younger players. Hence, Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou can certainly benefit from Bannister.

Thomas himself acknowledged that Bannister deserved the head coaching job. This vocal support goes a long way in a locker room.

Bannister has shown that he's a great coach. Why wouldn't he carry on with his accomplishments? You can bet Bannister's coaching will be on full display in the next regular season.


The second reason why the St. Louis Blues will make the playoffs next season is their goaltending.

Jordan Binnington is elite. To say otherwise would be denying his statistics, not only from the 2019 playoffs but also from the 2023-24 season. His save percentage is impressive.

Binnington had the team on his back and came through in the clutch.

But don't forget about youngster Joel Hofer. Hofer's statistics were outstanding, making him part of a duo that few teams could match.

Hockey fans know goaltending plays a part in the win and loss column.

There is no reason not to trust Binnington. And if Hofer can replicate his success this year or even improve, watch out.

Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas recorded 86 points. This is promising, and due to Thomas's age, we expect even better statistics in the future.

The team can't win with Thomas alone. However, when Thomas is surrounded by a supporting cast that rallies around him, it can result in a team reminiscent of the Boston Bruins.

Bannister's primary goal should be to continue coaching Thomas. He should make an effort to both support and familiarize himself with Thomas, allowing him to grow and evolve as a leader among the existing group.

Although it may seem premature to bestow the title of a star upon Thomas or place the burden of the team's future playoff aspirations on his shoulders, it is not uncommon for stars to thrive under such high expectations.

St. Louis Blues fans should consider Robert Thomas a star in the making and expect great things from him.

The playoffs will not come easy; they never do. However, the Blues are close and will only get better, especially with a permanent coach in Drew Bannister.

Blue fans should expect playoffs.