St. Louis Blues: How can familiarity impact the 2024-25 season?

The St. Louis Blues will inevitably make some roster changes heading into the offseason in just a few short weeks. However, the current roster may be the focal point of future success in St. Louis.
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks
St Louis Blues v Anaheim Ducks / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

In the world of professional sports, roster changes are inevitable. Teams change constantly, whether via the draft, trades, or free agency.

The St. Louis Blues, a relatively young team centered on Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou, could benefit significantly from remaining intact and focusing on development.

Sometimes, change isn't the best approach

The question in general manager Doug Armstrong's mind is, can my existing squad compete at a higher level than this past season?

This answer will affect his offseason moves.

By focusing on the talent of Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou, and the leadership of Brayden Schenn and Justin Faulk, the team positions itself for success.

While there are noticeable weaknesses, especially within the defenseman position, concentrating on growing the current squad is a legitimate approach to offseason moves.

Some role players will undoubtedly leave, and some new guys will come in.

And, of course, a shocking trade or the signing of a free agent could occur.

However, Armstrong aims to combine Thomas and Kyrou to further bolster their talent. He also clearly knows Pavel Buchnevich is a reliable threat.

Drew Bannister's hiring was based on his experience in building and developing players. This could be the most significant sign that Armstrong seeks no major roster changes, yet he wants to see Bannister do his magic with the younger players.

Whether there is a legitimate chance of seeing Dalibor Dvorsky added to the roster or building up Alexey Toropchenko, the Blues have the potential for excellent growth.

Currently, the Blues have a sufficient number of veterans and do not lack experience.

Keep some of the veterans and let the team grow

Justin Faulk is a pretty good player and deserves to stay. He is the most consistent and talented defenseman on the team, as proven in his last three seasons. His contract is also not outrageous, and he clearly garnered the respect of his teammates in his alternate captain role.

While fans may long for the Alex Pietrangelo of the past, it's crucial to focus on building continuity with this unit.

Brayden Schenn can continue to develop into a strong leader and formidable captain within the team. Likewise, the perfect scenario unfolded as Robert Thomas secured an alternate captain role and made his first All-Star appearance.

Let's be honest. Thomas holds the key to the Blues future, as long as he continues to play well, the team will be structured around him.

Players will retire as the years come, and new additions will enter the roster.

The Blues consistently hold a mid-league ranking in statistics. Armstrong's approach will be revealed in the near future. If he only adds a few free agents, he will still count on Thomas, Kyrou, and Bannister for further development.

In reality, his approach is likely the most effective and affordable. Chemistry takes time to develop. The position Bannister holds could be more crucial than most people understand.