What Position Is Most Important for the St. Louis Blues at the Draft?

The St Louis Blues hold the 16th pick in the NHL draft. What position will they draft?
2021 NHL Draft - Round One
2021 NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The 2024 NHL draft is a little over two weeks away. The Blues hold the 16th pick in this year's draft, and there's one position in particular they need to get right this draft. Let's break down the Blues by each position and find out which position they should focus on with the 16th pick and which ones they don't need to worry about.

The Defense

If you pay any attention to this team, this is no surprise. The defense is the clear hole on this team and has been for quite a while. Things have gotten better with Colton Parayko's improved play and the emergence of Matthew Kessel, but the team is still missing a number one defenseman to join Parayko.

If the Blues are able to draft a number one next to Parayko, this blueline will start to look pretty solid. That's easier said than done, as the Blues have tried to find this defenseman with more guys than you can count.

There could be a scenario where Doug Armstrong could trade up from 16. Montreal, New Jersey, and Ottawa are teams that come to mind. All three of those teams either had disappointing regular seasons last year or feel like they aren't far off. If the Blues want this franchise number one defenseman, it's almost guaranteed that they'll have to find the player in the top 10.

The Forward Core

The Blues don't have to worry about the forward core at the draft. The clear hole with the forwards is the lack of a second line center, but the Blues could find someone via trade or free agency without wasting a top pick on a position that isn't as of much need.

With how many years the defense has been an issue, drafting a forward in the first round would be puzzling. A core that features a star in Robert Thomas, a rising Jake Neighbours, and young players like Zachary Bolduc and Dalibor Dvorsky, the Blues have enough depth not to worry.


Just like the forwards, the Blues don't need to worry about their goalie tandem. Jordan Binnington and Joel Hofer were one of the better tandems in the league in 2023-2024, so the chances of the Blues drafting a goalie in the first round is zero if not impossible.

The team is one top pair defenseman away from being a team to watch in 2024-2025. We'll see what direction they go on June 28-29 in Vegas.