Who plays a key role in maintaining stability for the St. Louis Blues?

The St. Louis Blues are right in the middle when it comes to stats. This poses the question of what strategies the Blues can employ to achieve lasting success.
San Jose Sharks v St Louis Blues - Game Six
San Jose Sharks v St Louis Blues - Game Six / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

The St. Louis Blues find themselves in a situation similar to that of previous years. They earned the No. 16 pick in the NHL Draft, solidifying their mediocre status.

The St. Louis Blues current roster has undergone significant changes since their 2019 championship win, highlighting the team's need for direction and stability.  

General manager Doug Armstrong is the dominant hand in managerial decisions, such as resigning players, opting to let them walk, pivoting trades, and making changes at the coaching level.

Doug Armstrong is the man in charge, and the responsibility is on him to succeed

The Blues need stability. Armstrong has little patience for poor play and deflating statistics. He has fired the last three coaches before the appointment of Drew Bannister during the season, proving his expectations are incredibly high.

However, Armstrong needs to take responsibility for this. Stability starts in the front office, and his coaches need a competitive roster to succeed.

There is no denying that Armstrong is planning the future around Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou. Thomas appears to have the support of almost all Blues fans.

The Kyrou effect

Kyrou is a different story. While he has played well and is a young player continuing to develop his skills, fans have a split reception towards Kyrou. This is a problem when creating a stable organization.

This is not to say that Armstrong should trade Kyrou, as this is highly unlikely, and Kyrou is expected to be a foundation for the team. However, Kyrou needs to hash out his differences with those fans who have abandoned him.

How does he do this? He needs to win and play at the level he did in 2022 when he earned an All-Star appearance.

Furthermore, the organization needs a group of core players to build upon. Head coach Drew Bannister needs reassurance that his methodology will be fundamental in developing Thomas and Kyrou. While I'm sure Bannister was excited to sign a two-year contract as the permanent head coach, the deal wasn't exactly a confidence booster and was limited in its longevity.

Armstrong is one of the best general managers in the league and arguably in league history. The Blues need stability, and it all starts with his decision-making. If Armstrong plans to stay the course with Thomas and Kyrou, so be it, but he needs to ensure a mixture of youth and veteran players surrounds them. The decision to allow players like David Perron to depart remains a subject of ongoing scrutiny.

The Blues could have fared far worse this season, and their position in the middle of the pack gives them a chance to make strides to the top of the Central Division.

Fans are longing for stability. All eyes are on Armstrong as he pivots the offseason.