Can Jordan Kyrou Win Back Doubting St. Louis Blues Fans?

Jordan Kyrou has talent and has experienced both postseason play and All-Star-level achievements. However, not everyone in St. Louis is pleased with Kyrou, which begs the question: how can he win back fan support?
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues
Toronto Maple Leafs v St Louis Blues / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages

Jordan Kyrou is an NHL All-Star, albeit from a 2022 All-Star appearance.

While some fans have criticized his drive, among other things, his talent has never come into question.

How can Kyrou get back to his previous All-Star caliber talent?

First, some, not all, fans are concerned. Kyrou's numbers have decreased in the past three seasons.

His contract signals a long-term commitment from general manager Doug Armstrong and puts him on the same level of expectation as Robert Thomas.

Has Kyrou performed up to his expectations and pay?

The last two years, probably not.

Several St. Louis Blues fans criticized his drive, leadership, reliability, and skill level.

It doesn't help that he openly criticized former St. Louis Blues coach Craig Berube, which put him in the doghouse for many fans.

Compared to Robert Thomas, he was also skipped over as an alternate captain. While the C and A might be just symbols to some people on a jersey, they hold a good weight in the locker room.

Jordan Kyrou is a good player, but his performance over the past few seasons is of some concern

With Drew Bannister coaching Kyrou, the hope and expectation are that his skills will flourish, showing his comfort with Bannister and his ability to build back confidence.

Kyrou is well-liked by his teammates and, at one point, was a fan favorite for most Blues fans.

Winning solves everything. Kyrou is receiving a salary comparable to that of an All-Star player, and it is now crucial for him to demonstrate his value. Armstrong and fans alike expect growth and a return to elite play. A fourth deflating season would be disastrous for Kyrou and the Blues.

Kyrou's existing contract provides some protections, but a trade is not out of the question. Some pundits predict his time may end in St. Louis, noting that there is no hope for a promising return once the fanbase abandons a star player.

Though not every fan has abandoned Kyrou, and in hockey, he can redeem himself by winning.

The future is in Kyrou's hands. A strong performance will lead to fans trusting him and coming back to support him. The world of professional sports means being the punching bag for complaints, even if it's unfair.

Kyrou needs to concentrate and seek to prove the doubters wrong. If not, his time in St. Louis might be coming to an end.