St. Louis Blues: In Defense of Jordan Kyrou

Jordan Kyrou is not a bust or an unreliable player. He is a young, talented skater who, if given the proper respect and developmental coaching, can add to his All-Star appearances and be a foundational element in the St. Louis Blues' future.
St Louis Blues v Ottawa Senators
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Jordan Kyrou is perhaps the most criticized player on the existing roster of the St. Louis Blues.

Whether it's his comments about coach Craig Berube, declining statistics, or perceived lack of drive, Kyrou faces intense criticism as one of the most scrutinized players on the team.

Kyrou has talent and has earned his spot on the roster. At one point, he was considered the most promising player on the team.

GM Doug Armstrong maneuvered deals, eventually shopping Ryan O'Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko out of St. Louis, relying and trusting in a future built upon Kyrou and Robert Thomas.

Today, it appears that Thomas is the foundation of the future, with Kyrou's name as an added bonus.

St. Louis Blues: Jordan Kyrou is a good player

2021-22: 74 games, 27 goals, 48 assists, 75 points.
2022-23: 79 games, 37 goals, 36 assists, 73 points.
2023-24: 82 games, 31 goals, 36 assists, 67 points.

Kyrou's performance in the 2021-22 campaign was remarkable. He played exceptionally well, not even hitting an entire season of play.

2023-24 was a unique season filled with rare circumstances. To begin with, Kyrou had to confront the loss of his coach, Craig Berube, and navigate through an unfamiliar circumstance where a considerable portion of the fanbase deserted him and criticized his performance.

Kyrou, who recently turned 26, is a young player, and such a response from your home fans is brutal, especially on a youthful skater.

Kyrou's numbers might have decreased, but they are still impressive and would position him in the top 2-3 skaters for almost all teams.

In regular season play, he ranked No. 38 in scoring. This is a respectable ranking, and given his age, it is a ranking he can build upon.

Likewise, he has remained consistently healthy, which is an asset of itself in hockey.

St. Louis Blues: Jordan Kyrou needs more vocal support

Kyrou very well could depart from St. Louis in the future, and most likely, this would involve a fanbase that might have given up on him.

However, Kyrou is talented, and GMs around the league know he could not only assist most teams but even earn back All-Star appearances and attribute to the win column.

A duo of Robert Thomas and Kyrou is still possible and something St. Louis Blues fans should expect. Armstrong bet on this combination and elected a coach in Drew Bannister, who knows Kyrou and can help develop him further.

Maybe Kyrou needs growth in maturity, or perhaps it's confidence. But one thing is sure: Kyrou's talent has not been piqued, and behind closed doors, there is inevitably an expectation and nurturing relationship that is the goal of both Armstrong and Bannister.

Kyrou led the Blues in scoring and finished second in total points (67).

While Kyrou might have a more difficult time winning back some fans, his consistent performance deserves our respect.

If he is ever traded, it should be noted that it would not be due to a lack of talent but rather because he was forced out of town.