Why Might Some St. Louis Blues Fans Be Rooting for the Florida Panthers?

St. Louis Blues fans will tune in from home as the Florida Panthers face the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Florida Panthers will have the backing of many loyal Blues supporters.
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six
Florida Panthers v Boston Bruins - Game Six / Rich Gagnon/GettyImages

Set your clocks for 8:00 pm ET as ESPN kicks off the Eastern Conference Finals with game one.

Although it may not apply to every St. Louis Blues fan, a significant number of them will proudly rally behind the Florida Panthers as they strive to secure a consecutive appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Vladimir Tarasenko 

Embarking on a new chapter, the former St. Louis Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko has become a bit of a journeyman since being traded. However, the Florida Panthers strategically brought in Tarasenko from the Ottawa Senators, clearly with playoff contention in their sights, adding an intriguing element to their roster.

Tarasenko, who has had to overcome numerous injuries, brings a wealth of championship experience to the team. However, it is his scoring ability that truly makes him a dangerous weapon in playoff battles.

The Panthers have abundant talent, and although Tarasenko's time on the ice has been restricted, his star quality and veteran experience can become significant factors in crucial post-season games.

Get ready for Tarasenko to make a splash. The greats shine during post-season play.

Matthew Tkachuk

Despite never wearing the St. Louis Blues jersey, Tkachuk's upbringing in St. Louis and his father's iconic presence in Blues history have solidified his ties to the organization.

Last year, Tkachuk's post-season journey was marked by unforgettable moments, leading him to the Stanley Cup Finals, where he faced a tough defeat against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Having gained another year of experience and a few new acquisitions, the Panthers are determined to replicate last year's success while setting their sights on winning it all.

The first hurdle is beating the New York Rangers.

As the loyal St. Louis Blues fans eagerly await their team's return to the playoffs, hopefully in the upcoming years, a significant number of people in St. Louis will show support for the Florida Panthers, reminiscing about the unforgettable days of Tarasenko and feeling immense pride for their hometown hero Tkachuk. 

The Florida Panthers have lots of support from Blues fans.