St. Louis Blues: Stian Solberg D, draft portfolio

Will the St. Louis Blues draft the best available player in the upcoming NHL draft? Hockey pundits keep going with defensemen in their predictions. We will soon find out.

FanSided’s NHL Editor, Todd Matthews, has predicted in one mock draft that the St. Louis Blues select Stian Solberg as the No. 16 selection.

“He may not be the two-way blueliner some fans might want to see here, but an old-school, big-hitting player will be needed once the Blues current wave of defensemen starts going elsewhere,” wrote Matthews.

Solberg keeps coming up in other mock drafts, validating his selection around the No. 16th spot.

“This 6-foot-2, 206-pound defenseman captured the attention of many at the World Championship at only 18 years old. His stoic skating style only led to his three points all season, but his defensive work is where he works best and where St. Louis can strive,” shared Mile High Hockey.

Stian Solberg

Solberg is an intriguing pick, notably for his aggressive style of play. He’s a fairly large player, especially for his age—18—which underscores the point that he can condition himself even further in the weight room.

He is already a much bigger defenseman than several current St. Louis Blues players, weighing around 206lbs.

With further development and a honing of skills, Solberg might be the aggressive player the Blues need. Most fans admit they lack that electrifying talent that scares opponents.

When Vince Dunn departed, some fear left the defensive unit. Fans love the hits from Sammy Blais, but how amazing would it be to accompany the hits with more substantial talent and play? Blais isn’t even playing defense, and an aggressive player like Solberg as a defenseman could set the tone.

His stats in the EHL (Norway) highlight his ability to thrive in assists. He has been praised by scouts for his warrior-like mentality and aggressive style of play.

Solberg might not be available at the 16th pick, but if he is, his name garners so much attention that you almost have to pick him.

Aggressive play, matched with offensive production, notably in the assist category, is a no-brainer selection.